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A look behind the silken curtains when the gloves are coming off.. Elegant ballroom dancing was never so decadent. The first thing wealth buys is moral decadence..

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Engrossing and surprising.. Lee Vidor is the original source of the astonishing Shakespeare-X Message. Get A Copy.

Hara hara's a great composition by Isaignani Sivoham....

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The Water Goddess

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Oct 16, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-authors. It sounds so dry and boring, but thankfully, I gave the novel a chance, and I was more than rewarded with an incredible story that was anything but dull. Lee Vidor has a unique gift to immerse her reader fully in her novel's settings and bring the characters to life.

Each time I finish one of her novels, I feel as "The book is an authentic look at American colonialism in the elegant s. Each time I finish one of her novels, I feel as if I am walking away from a new cast of friends and the life we have shared. The driving force in And We Will Be Formless and Sacred As The Ocean is passion and desire, but unlike so much of the trash fiction cluttering the shelves currently, Vidor's writing style does not suffer from a lack of focus or plot-driven dialogue.

If your are a fan of quality literature mixed with societal scandal, Lee Vidor's novel is for you. Give it a try, and you will be an instant fan, clamoring for more of Vidor's well-crafted novels. Painted in the Benares or Patna style, the painting dates to — Without exception, each of these so-called deities is an emanation or form of the one Supreme Godhead, arising from this source like multiple rays radiating from a single sun.

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He specializes in Hindu philosophical theology and modern Hinduism and in the relationship between Hinduism and Christianity. The text in this article is available under the Creative Commons License. The Hindu sacred image and its iconography. What forms do Hindu images take? What makes an image sacred?

What are avatars? What are the most popular representations of deity in Hinduism? The symbolism of the sacred images As we have noted earlier, Hindu images are depicted according to a strict template of iconographic features that artists must work to.

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Footnote [1] cf. Share this page. British Library newsletter Sign up to our newsletter Email. Supported since inception by. Paris is in a mad fever of inspiration, an erotic fever. Here life and art are not separated, and what is inside a person will reveal itself. The story examines the nature of love and expression and the things which make us truly come alive. The cycle is an extended work of fiction which explores the Modernist Renaissance which took place throughout the 20th Century, and which made our contemporary world.

Each book is a work of fiction, each book is entirely independent but thematically related. You can begin reading the cycle with any book, all of the novels are complete in themselves. The novel cycle attempts to create an integrated picture of the real lives of the revolutionary modernists and the bohemian milieus in which they lived and created all through the 20th Century.

It also traces the socio-political developments of the evolving century, particularly as related to sexuality, self expression and women's liberation. Historically the 20th Century will come to be seen as The Century of Women. The cycle dramatizes the 20th Century as a Renaissance which has been historically far more important to the development of mankind than the Renaissance of c.

Each book in the cycle is an independent story dealing with a particular bohemian milieu. Artists both historically real and fictional are depicted together in their struggle to survive and create, to love and to live, to revolutionize the world and survive their obsessive passions.

The books are historically accurate and depict the daily reality of bohemian lives. Everything Leaves A Trace. Like Wounds. Like Scars.