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The Assault on Pieta, Part 3 [3]. Alfons [4]. Both Helen and Rigaldo look on in disbelief— Clare cut off Rigaldo's arm. Clare's awakened legs appear as a cross of a horse and pterodactyl. She charges Rigaldo like a bull, but cannot control her speed and crashes into buildings.

Rigaldo tries to retrieve his arm, but Helen, guessing he is an offensive type , snatches it and Miria and escapes. Helen inadvertently calls attention to herself and Miria with a Limb Stretching attack. Rigaldo counterattacks, but is forced to dodge Clare's sword strike instead.

Clare is gaining control of her speed. Clare's left arm spouted several bladed mandibles, forming a great claw, which she gouges into the ground, enabling her to stop and turn in any direction. I can't exactly say what the measurements of the cuts were, maybe a few 32nds of an inch. I did this just to make sure the dowel would fit without having to make any more cuts in the main pieces of wood. Once all of the preliminary cuts were made, I used multiple sandpaper grits to smooth the edges of the dado cuts and the cuts made on the dowel.

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I also used a chisel to chip away some extra wood that was remaining on the dowel. Here you can see the small cuts allowed the dowel to rest snugly into it's housing in the piece of pine: Before clamping and gluing, this is what the sword looks like when it is put together: In order to create a snug housing for the sword's hilt and to make sure the sword will be stable, you must glue the pieces together and clamp them tightly. The best way to do this is with c-clamps, Gorilla Glue, and some scrap wood.

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Gorilla Glue is a superior glue that foams up once it's been applied to the surfaces it is bonding. In case you want to use a steel rod instead of a wooden dowel, Gorilla Glue will still work for you. You will want to apply the glue to only one piece of wood and to the dowel.

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Make sure to wide down the piece of wood that you apply the glue to with a damp towel. I suggest creating a squiggly pattern which will ensure maximum coverage.


Once you have applied the glue, you should let it sit for a few minutes to allow it to start foaming. The foam will expand to about 4 times it's initial size.