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You cannot listen to the pronunciation of ba because your browser does not support the audio element.

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You're listening to the natural voice of a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. English translations. Writing all characters according to the same rules assures that their intended shape and style are generally preserved even if written by different writers. This dictionary shows you the correct stroke order as an animation for all characters so you can learn and understand how to write the character correctly. Watching Flex's transformation from a bachelor lifestyle, where he only saw his child two weeks out of the year and could be more of a friend than her parent, to a responsible, full-time single father was meaningful.

English translation of 爸 ( ba / bà ) - dad in Chinese

It hadn't been done before on TV despite the number of men in this country who have had to struggle with making that journey. Flex and Breanna also highlighted what it's like for a child to learn to trust and respect a parent who wasn't always a part of their daily life. They were lowkey pioneers. Listen, Ray Campbell was a good dad. He adopted Tamera Tamera Mowry , raised her as a single father for years after his wife passed, and then when they discovered she was a twin at the mall allowed Tamera's twin sister and her adopted mother to move in with them so his daughter could grow up with her sister.

Like, what a guy! He also represented a more conservative type of black dad than we'd seen up to that point; he was dignified, intellectual, and definitely would have had Tamera up in Jack and Jill if she wasn't so opposite of him. Still, he always loved his daughter for who she was, even when he didn't understand. In this show's case, Bernie and his wife Wanda take in his sister's kids when she's no longer able to be a proper parent for them due to drug addiction. Bernie is definitely a part of the strict but comical trope of TV dads: He unapologetically portrayed how a parent could be both loving and still believe in a good ol' fashioned ass-whooping threat as a form of discipline — a balance I'm sure many black parents appreciated.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention the important work in showing America the way in which many black families implement the nickname "baby girl. Micheal Kyle was the best TV dad of the early '00s. He represented a new millennium version of the black dad. He didn't just reach for his belt to get his kids to behave, he had a distinct parenting style that involved playing mind tricks and literal pranks to teach them lessons.

The show both defied stereotypes for instance, Michael had a blue-collar job but turned it into a successful company and found new ways to break past them when dealing with issues like teenage pregnancy, which is how Michael and Jane Tisha Campbell-Martin started their family. It was really refreshing to see the way he blended old- and new-school parenting, and I'm sure it helped some black fathers at the time do the same.

Let's be clear, James Evans Sr.

In fact, many often joke that the show raised them in a way, as it was the first time a black family was represented on TV in such a big way. The Evans family lived in the projects of Chicago. James often worked multiple jobs to try to provide for his wife and kids, and while there were periods he was unemployed, he never liked to accept charity because was a proud man. He represented many black fathers at the time, struggling to achieve in a country filled with racial bias, and gave society a look into their hearts versus just their circumstances.

It's a shame his character was killed off in the Season 4 premiere Amos and those behind the scenes of the show had creative differences about the show's direction. James should automatically make everyone's top five off the strength that every black actor who has played a dad since Good Times aired has stood on this man's shoulders.

Julius was one of the funniest and realest black dads on TV, probably because he was inspired by the show's creator, Chris Rock's, dad. Julius was a devoted father who worked multiple jobs to take care of his family, and as a result, was never about to let them blow HIS money fast. In other words, he was cheap. I'm talking "make your family stop using certain household devices to save on the electricity bill" cheap. The only thing he ever wasted his money on was playing the lotto, because blackfolk. Even though he often took the penny-pinching too far, I love that Julius highlighted the traditional black dad from the '80s in the new millennium thanks to the show's flashback premise.

He was tough on his boys, while often still spoiling his only daughter, which is quite on the nose for most fathers. As was the fact that he left most of the disciplining up to his wife, but made sure his kids knew he had a belt for every offense if they tried him too hard. He wasn't super affectionate, but his love language was service, and no one can question how hard he worked for his kids. Randall Pearson is actually a perfect human and this is not debatable.

He has the biggest heart and is undeniably dedicated to making sure his girls grow up to be the best versions of themselves.

Randall is number two because even his flaws are endearing — trust that a lot of the other families on this list wish their biggest complaint could be that their dad was a little corny, worked too hard, and overthought situations. Randall also pushes through the "tough love" stereotype most black dads on TV have been boxed into by being even more emotional than his wife when it comes to his kids and marriage. The way he cares for his family is beyond moving.

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And all of this is even more impressive when you consider he lost his adopted dad when he was a teenager and had to deal with not knowing his birth father until adulthood. Uncle Phil or "Daddy," as his kids called him is the greatest black dad in TV history because 1 it's true, and 2 because I said so and this is my ranking. Feel free to me. Anyway, back to my fave: Philip was the definition of a teddy bear. Tough and intimidating on the outside, but with a heart of gold on the inside.

Learn to Write and Pronounce the Chinese Character for "Dad"

He loved and provided for his family, even though they worked his nerves regularly. The girls were totally unaware of their plagiarism, but this dialogue had become etched in both their minds as a template of how friends interact. After all, if you look past the cute theme tune, the humour and the belly-laugh ending, there's little denying that Peppa Pig is terribly behaved. If she were at nursery with my daughter, she wouldn't be invited home for play-dates and the rest of the family aren't exactly The Waltons either.

Mummy Pig is so moody it takes the entire episode for her to finally crack a smile, which is so shocking it makes the rest of the family fall over.

How to Say "Dad" in Chinese

Then there's the way she bullies Daddy Pig, bossing him about relentlessly and making him feel fat and useless. Then there's Daddy Pig, who's fat and useless, and George, who's quite sweet, but if he carries on hanging out with Peppa, will soon grow out of it. Plus Grandpa Pig, who knows it all, and lets his poor son-in-law know it.

So as of tomorrow, I will be banning Peppa Pig from my house. It might take a while to ween out the merchandise but Peppa's whining antics will no longer be given a platform in my living room. Am I being over-protective with my censorship?

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Does this put me in the dreaded 'helicopter' category of parenting? I put the question to educational and child psychologist Hannah Abrahams for a quick reality check. Peppa Pig in red centre with her brother George Pig in blue centre with her family and friends.

A two-year-old thinks if Peppa Pig pokes her tongue when she's angry, for example, I'll poke my tongue out when I'm angry. And of course it's not only two-year old's who are sucked in by what they see on screen: 'You see the affect of television on children of all ages,' says Hannah.

Why Use Traditional Characters? (UPDATED) - Learn Chinese Now

Peppa Pig stamps her feet, bullies her brother, makes fun of her parents, falls out with her friends, whinges when she loses, pokes out her tongue and generally displays copious amounts of antisocial behaviour. Hannah believes everything - including TV - needs to be done in moderation and says TV and screen time needs to be regulated with all children. Eventually you want your children to be able to label their own emotions. So why have I been blinkered enough to allow this family to infiltrate my home and influence my children's malleable young minds?

I confess it might have something to do with the fact that I find it pretty watchable. Who hasn't stifled a giggle at one of Daddy Pig's classics? When he studies the instructions to build Peppa and George's toy cupboard, then proclaims with utter certainty, 'It's no use, it's nonsense! And even though I know it's coming, it's still amusing when Mrs Rabbit pops up showcasing yet another new talent — to add to her experience as a dental nurse, school bus driver, hot-air-balloon pilot, ice-cream seller, shoe fitter, supermarket cashier, museum curator, recycling plant operator, Christmas tree seller and ice-skating attendant.

Peppa indulging in her a favourite activity, second only to jumping in muddy puddles. And judging by the dad at Peppa Pig World, who decided to stay on the balloon ride ferris wheel, despite his two-year-old daughter being whisked off by mum with last-minute jitters, I'm not the show's only fan over the age of five. But of course Peppa and George's main appeal is that my children love them and while they're creating mischief on screen, there's blissful calm in the real world.

Five minutes of guaranteed time out during a hour shift with three kids can feel like a two-week holiday to Hawaii. But I'd be foolish to ignore the fact that if my children grow up like Peppa, it'll be a life sentence.

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