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The articles that were not in English or French were excluded as well as those that were not specific to ACT and chronic pain. Results: Results show that ACT is a relevant and empirically supported approach that may be used as a complement to CBT strategies in the treatment of chronic pain.

There is growing evidence stemming from experimental and correlational studies that support the majority of the ACT processes. Clinical studies undertaken in the field of chronic pain from different backgrounds support the efficacy of ACT for the management of this condition. Conclusion: ACT is a promising and evidence-based approach for the treatment of chronic pain. More research is needed to further validate its theoretical model and further refine our understanding of how ACT could be effective for the management of chronic pain and enhance quality of life for people who suffer from this health condition.

For now, ACT is considered to be as effective as traditional cognitive and behavioral therapy for chronic pain. Sylvie a 54 ans. Cooper L. Deale A. Dumit J. Eaglesham S. Epstein S. Flichy P. Gold G. Virtual disability and collective action, In : Rogers L. Guillec G. Hardey M.

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Holloway G. Imber M. Illich I. Jason L. Johnson H. Loriol M. Main K. Marshall E. Millen N. Rabeharisoa V.

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Mobilisation with movement and exercise, corticosteroid injection, or wait and see for tennis elbow: randomised trial. AE [Crossref] [Medline].

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    Vicki Chartrand

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