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He was a good singer I remember him on the muppets when I was a kid I use to listen to some of his music I liked when he song songs on the muppets show I didn't know he had 3 kids I remember he has a daughter I didn't know he adopted two kids that's a good thing to do. Gerald Scott Defoe. I was 12 years old. At 14 I had the same long brownish blond hair, granny glasses, green and black checked coat, cowboy hat on my head held by my right hand and my guiar in my left with the intoxicating ear to ear grin. I acted through high school and more than once portrayed my hero and His life changing music.

I was privliged to expierence His music live in concert. Two out of three concerts I've ever been too Harry Chapin being the only other artist's concert I've been too How ironic and how sad. I was schocked at Chapin's passing and I was devasted by John's tragic passing years later. As talented and profound as He was, I believe we all had just seen the tip of 'The Mountain' that would have come.

I am 58 now. His music has had a profound impact on my life since my uncle gave me "That Old Guitar" Because of the love that radiates out of His songs to me, I was privileged to be able to be a worship leader at my church for 14 years, playing my guitar and singing to My God!

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Thank You Mr. Your music will continue to make a difference in peoples lives. I think that's what you were trying to do all along, Make a difference!!! I remember listening to his records when I was i kid. Great Man with Great Talent. He will always live on in my heart. Brenda Stevens. Because of John Denver and his music, I have wanted to learn guitar since I was about 9 or 10 years old.

Finally, a year and half ago at age 51, I bought a guitar and started taking lessons. I am really enjoying learning, and LOVE to practice. Someday I hope to be able to play all of my favorite John Denver songs!

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Because John Denver inspired, I am now blessing others with my music at least, that's what they tell me. June Ann. I was about seven or eight years old when John Denver came to Charleston, West Virginia to perform on the back of a flat bed truck. My parents went to see this John Denver but for whatever reason I chose not to go.

It is one of the regrets I have in this lifetime. Because I could have experienced his performance before he was really famous. It was after that when I first heard country Road's that I regretted not going to see him. Throughout my later life listening to his music always brought me closer to my inner-spirit. And also lifted me up when I was down. It just made me Feel more in tune with nature.

When I was 45 years old I had a stroke folllowing hip replacement. I felt very disconnected from God until one day I was out doors listening to none other than John Denver. It wars through that beautiful music and voice that I was able to connect with my spirit within. Jaye Deete. Robert Dennis Stamm.

It had flown for 3 or 4 years before Denver bought it. The fuel switch was located behind the pilot's seat, which at least 2 expert Long-EZ pilots told Denver to have it moved to a better location. After running out of fuel in one of the two tanks, he apparently pressed the right rudder pedal while twisting to the left in his seat to switch fuel tanks. At the low altitude there was not enough time to recover from the ensuing hard bank.

Cause of death was decapitation. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. E-mail: Show my email publicly. Human Verification:. The growing student body enjoyed a thriving social life that revolved around dates, dances, athletic events, and Greek life.

Aware of the conflict that had been developing in Europe for several years, students, like many Americans, hoped it would remain a foreign conflict, far across the Atlantic Ocean. When the Japanese attacked the U. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, , the global situation changed overnight from being one Americans could try to ignore to one that impacted every aspect of their lives.

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Even before the strike, Washington College had been particularly affected by the threat of war. Mead and Coach J. Thomas Kibler urged patience. Washington College men remained in a hurry to get involved. The editor of The Elm, J. Calvert Jones, observed in a January column that:. Each of them is very confident that he will be called tomorrow and that he will be sent immediately to the front. As early as January 9, , fraternity men from Washington College, especially brothers of the Kappa Alpha order, were taking examinations and completing training courses to prepare for the armed forces.

Brigadier General Lewis B. Hershey said it was unlikely that current students would need to leave college before the school year ended, but many students chose to enlist sooner.

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After graduation in , the Varsity Club, composed of elite male athletes, was left with just one member, and entrance requirements were relaxed to help the organization regroup. Most of the players finished before being called up. College and university administrators across the nation wanted to graduate as many students as possible before the war took them out of class and put them in uniform. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, aware that the ranks of their male students would soon be depleted, colleges and universities adapted swiftly.

Academic and athletic schedules were not the only aspects of Washington College affected when the men went to war.

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  4. According to the Report of the Dean in , 61 percent of the male students enrolled in the school year were serving in the military — mainly with the Navy or the Army — by the next fall. Many of those men belonged to fraternities, bringing drastic changes to the Greek life that was such a vital part of the campus. The remaining fraternities lost many of their members due to the war; in the fall of , the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity had six members and the Theta Chis had three.

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    In , according to Susan M. At Washington College, however, the fall of marked the first time more women than men were enrolled. At other schools, Hartmann wrote, men occupied residence halls left empty by women who chose marriage or a job in the defense industry over school. While American men were dropping everything, leaving their schools, jobs, homes, and families to flock to join the armed forces and the defense industry, the women left behind were coming into their own. The void left by the departing soldiers created opportunities for women in traditionally male roles, giving them more freedom and greater responsibilities.

    The coeds did not maintain their enthusiasm for the duration of the war, however. In October , a Red Cross room was installed in William Smith Hall where girls could volunteer their spare time making surgical dressings. On many occasions Elm editorials chided the girls for their lack of participation. Girls are losing the war, if this college is any example! Some Washington College women simply had greater ambitions than rolling bandages in William Smith. Eager for a more active role, several joined the more than , women who achieved permanent status in the military.

    Their work was undoubtedly more taxing than that of civilian women; they reported wearing out two pairs of shoes each marching to and from meals and classes. Women who chose not to enter the military found opportunities in other traditionally male-dominated fields. Female math and science majors, or those who were qualified to teach math and science in the absence of large numbers of male school teachers, had their choice of jobs after graduation. Mead hailed the new prospects for career women, writing:.

    More than ever before in history, the part to be played by the trained and ambitious women of the country is one of major importance… There will be more women lawyers, doctors, medical technicians and specialized science workers, whose success now will keep them in their chosen fields, if they care to continue…If there ever was a time when the whole professional world lay open to the women with advanced education, it is today…The driving of young men from the college into the armed forces opens an unparalleled opportunity for young women to establish themselves in a position which can never again be successfully challenged…The present turn of circumstances may bring about a greater chance for the girls than for their brothers.

    Hartmann found, however, that there were a greater number of women in traditionally male educational and professional fields after the war, but the proportion of women and their status compared to men was lower than it had been in earlier years. As students during the war, however, Washington College coeds had opportunities to assume prominent positions on campus while their male counterparts were on the battlefields.

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    During the year, the girls had taken over the fraternity houses and finally secured a spot for a woman in the Student Government. Vivian had planned to go to South America and help to provide better relations between the Latins and Americans. A job with the Pan-American Union was her goal [but now] the Midshipman is bragging about his bride-to-be.

    June sixth is the date. She hardly remembers the South American ambition; she just wants to be a good Navy wife.