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Retrieved 16 June David Bowie: the complete guide to his music. London: Omnibus. Retrieved April 16, Retrieved 26 December David Bowie. Discography Songs Awards and nominations Filmography Tours. Christiane F. She expresses a commitment to the company and the sales position. I see myself becoming an established Sales Associate within a few months. After that, I would look at becoming a manager.

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You could set off red flags. Also, the candidate does not come off as prepared. As a marketing professional, I want to develop my skill set. At the end of the next five years, I want to know how to use software like Photoshop or InDesign. I want to have a better understanding of social media and video marketing. I would like to learn on the job.

Regardless, I want to look into online or evening courses. My hope is that I can apply my new skills to my job with you. The candidate mentions a few specific skills she wants to develop. Avoid choosing skills that should already be well-developed for the role. I need six years of experience and a developed skill set.

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I want to use this position as a stepping stone to prepare for a career with the big boys. As a Chef, I want to develop my skill set. At the end of the next five years, I want to know how to prepare and present dishes for a 5-star restaurant like yours. I also want to finish some specialized managerial training if possible. My hope is that my new skills would help me say that I am the best at my job here at Le Bone A Petit.

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Remember that you can always mention how you plan to develop a relevant skill set outside of work. Try not to go overboard. The interviewer might think you will find better things to do than your job.

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In the next five years, I want to finish my side project. My hobby is developing games for apps. I have one in the works now that I should have done in the next year or two. Again, be careful about bringing up personal information. Here the candidate has let slip that she has a time-consuming side project. Her project is her passion.

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So, the interviewer may think that the candidate will be more interested in that than her job. I would love to complete such a program within my first or second year working with you. Plus, one of my professional career goals is to work on a project for a non-profit. So, I would hope that at the end of five years, I would have at least a couple of such projects under my belt. But when I saw the offer for a position at a Fortune company, I thought why not? Worst case scenario I can always cross working for a corpo off my bucket list.

Here, the candidate does not show genuine interest or enthusiasm for the position or the company.

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I have a background in law, so I know that I would be most effective in a law firm. I can apply my legal knowledge to inform my work. At the same time, I still need to transition. So, over the next five years, I want to develop my creative skill set in this entry-level position. So, my long-term goal is to become a skillful marketing professional within your company. The candidate then switches gears. She explains what she plans to do over the next five years within the position.

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I want law to be my safety job. Just in case nothing else I want to do works out. The candidate has aspirations beyond the position. The digital revolution, however, also comes with risks of disruption to our society.

A strong digital Europe requires that no one be left behind, and that respect of human rights and ethics shape a trustworthy transformation. As a longtime partner of the national ecosystems across Europe, Microsoft is willing to contribute to this ambition. The 5 Ideas For The Next 5 Years outline some of the concrete steps the EU can take over the next legislative term to create a positive framework for human centric digital technologies.