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My heart sank that day. Peter could probably relate. His comment leads Jesus not only to rebuke Peter but also to instruct his followers about the nature of discipleship and the nature of who he is.


There may be suffering and death, he tells them, but the Son of Man will come again in glory. And what a glimpse! Their teacher and leader is transformed.

Moses and Elijah are also part of the vision. But this transfiguration is only a glimpse.

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Peter may have thought it was more than that; he wanted to honor it somehow, to linger in this glory, to make it permanent by building dwellings. But when this Christophany turns into a theophany, Jesus turns to the disciples and reminds them that this moment is more than a spectacular light show. His instructions are simple: They must listen to Jesus if they want to get the complete picture. Listen to him say that they must deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him. Listen to him describe the glory that will follow when his ministry and life on earth are complete.

What they have experienced is only a glimpse.

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It certainly had an effect on the author of 2 Peter, who recounted this incident in detail:. Jim was another man in my church who loved jazz.

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I was trying to do these things the first time I visited them—until his wife mentioned that he loves his records and that she had been unable to hook up her stereo a receiver and a turntable. His skin began to shine and freak people out. These two men were prophets. Just like Moses, they spoke the words God had given them to speak. No, these guys were called to listen for God speaking and tell the Israelites what He had to say. They were routinely around God, but rarely did they come face-to-face with His glory.

This day was different, and they knew it. They had been traveling around the countryside, preaching and teaching, working miracles and just generally doing the work of prophets. But now, Elijah had a destination in mind. He knew where he was headed. He knew what was going to happen. Elisha knew too. And so did just about everyone else we hear about in the account from 2 Kings. But only Elijah and Elisha see it with their own eyes.

Elisha just gets a glimpse of this glory of God, but Elijah gets a full measure of it.

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But today was different. Up on that mountain, Jesus was changed- transfigured. Like Moses, Jesus shined. But Jesus even more so.

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Not just His face, but even his clothes were transfigured- made white- whiter than any bleach could get them. Somehow, Moses and Elijah were both there, talking with Jesus. Listen to Him.

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Nothing lingered, nothing permanently changed. But those disciples got a glimpse of something great, something full of wonder, something which struck them with awe. You see it in their reactions. They get a taste of who Jesus really is. For a moment, the curtain is peeled back, their eyes are opened, and they see Jesus as God Himself. If they took nothing else away from this experience, it was that Jesus was truly God.

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