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People who test out save both time and money on their degrees. MEP consultants share about the most widely accepted college exam program. First—they are exams that award college credit when you pass them. Second—they cost less than taking a college class. Third—you spend less time preparing for and taking a CLEP exam instead of a class with its lectures, assignments, papers, projects, quizzes and tests. The College Board created a series of standardized exams over 50 years ago to award college credit when people pass them.

There are now 33 different CLEP exams. Every college or university has its own policy for accepting CLEP. However, since more than 2, institutions accept CLEP it is likely your school will too. Check with your advisor to find out what CLEP exams you can take and apply to your requirements. Once you have a list of exams you can use, do some research about them. You can go to the College Board website and search for your exam and read what the exam will cover—in other words—what you need to know to pass!

There are thousands of CLEP testing centers around the country and worldwide, many of which are located on-campus at colleges and universities for your convenience. Military bases often have testing centers as well. Find a test center near you for the easiest CLEP experience. You schedule your exam online with the College Board. Registration is easy and you will be given all the steps to follow.

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You can choose your testing center on the website, or you can contact the testing center directly if you prefer. Be sure to print your registration ticket so you can bring it to your testing center when exam day rolls around. Compare that to the tuition you would expect to pay for the class and include the costs of textbooks and other supplies to calculate your savings. CLEP exams are 90 minutes long.

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Most exams have questions although the mathematics exams have fewer. If you take an exam with an essay requirement, the exam time is longer, minutes. Mathematics exams allow the use of a calculator which is built into the exam. Foreign language exams have a listening component to the exam where you listen to a statement and then answer questions about it.

CLEP exams are multiple choice except for any essays, of course. They are graded on a scale of with 50 being the ACE recommended passing score. Your school may have a different score requirement to accept an exam, so be sure you know what that score is. Most schools, however, use 50 as the requirement. If there is an essay portion of your exam, the scoring of the essay takes about three weeks. Whether you are 8 or 80, you can take a CLEP exam! Parents or guardians have to register minors and accompany them to the exam.

All of this information is shared with you during the registration process. Many high school students take CLEP exams to earn college credit before they set foot on a college campus. Military service members and veterans can have their CLEP exam fee paid for by the military for a first attempt on any exam. Check with your benefits advisor about how to have your test fee covered. Yes, some people just wing taking a CLEP exam.

The ones who pass usually had some classes in the subject or have learned on their own because the subject is of personal interest to them. Most people, however, should plan on studying for the exam. You can check out textbooks or cobble together online resources from here and there.

CLEP Exams

If that sounds like too much hit-and-miss, how about comprehensive, current and guaranteed CLEP preparation materials? You can join those who save time and money on their degrees with CLEP. Remember— Making Education Possible MEP provides access to education benefits to help its members save both time and money on their college degrees. Access to vetted and reputable online courses--and a discount for SpeedyPrep-- is a part of the many MEP benefits you and your entire family can use. Tips for Overcoming Test Anxiety.

Learn about the exam. It's is a perfectly legitimate question to ask your professor how the exam will be set up. Will questions be fill-in-the blank or multiple choice? Any essay questions? How long is the exam?

How will different parts of the exam be scored? Having this information can remove unwanted nerve-inducing surprises on exam day. Practice basic academic discipline.

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Attend class. Take notes.

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Read your textbook. Complete and turn in all assignments on time. Nothing conquers exam nerves like knowing your subject and knowing it well! Make a list of your academic progress and add to it every time you accomplish a study task. Watch this list grow throughout the semester. It is a visual reminder that you are learning what you need to know—reviewing it can help reduce test nerves when you see what you have accomplished.

Try this: When one of the negative, defeating thoughts about an exam creeps in, jot it down on a piece of paper. Then write a positive thought next to it. Practice saying them when the negative thoughts creep into your mind. Get sleep the night before. If you are well-rested before exam day you will have the mental capacity to focus on your test and manage your nerves. Be sure to eat. The brain needs balanced nutrition to work at its optimum. Be sure to have some protein, whole grain carbs, a little fat, and a little sugar source fresh fruit is great so your mind is sharp, and your energy is sustained.

Exercise a little. A little exercise will also help release the tension that can trigger more test nerves. You know how athletes psych themselves up before a game? The coach gives them a talk to rev them up. They shake out the nerves and hype up by chanting and jumping. You can do a little of this yourself.

If there are other students in your class, you can try it together. Stop and focus before you start. Remind yourself to take on the questions one at a time. Smiling triggers a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that lifts your mood, lowers stress, heart rate and blood pressure. Try smiling right now as you read this. Feel what a smile can do!

If you start to feel the nerves growing, breathe deeply to relax and regain your focus. Be careful to understand exactly what they are asking.

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More than likely, they will make more sense the second or third time through. Congratulate yourself on your effort. If you prepared well, and put some of these tactics to use, your next test experience should be better. Not all test anxiety is easily managed. If your test anxiety symptoms are severe and you are incapacitated by them, please reach out for professional help.

Your school counselor will have advice and resources to help.

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Access to vetted and reputable online courses is a part of the many MEP benefits you and your entire family can use. Tips for Learning with Technology. As an online source for Education benefits and planning, making education possible knows a thing or two about the importance of online learning. In this blog, MEP education experts will give you a few tips on how to properly use the internet for studying, as well as some pitfalls to avoid when using the web for your learning success.

Use the right Internet sources. Where to start? You might concentrate your search on topics you find harder to master with just your textbook and class lectures. The key is to glean information from the right sources—more specifically, sources with established credibility, that are backed by empirical evidence, science, and data. These sources will be experts in their fields—whether individuals or organizations.