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HIV seroprevalence is estimated at PASCA, , and 0. However, this fact is under-reported due to stigma and discrimination. It works on mass condom distribution, social marketing, HIV prevention, and participates in studies on prevalence and sexual behaviours. Gay Panama. ILGA Report. Archive Link - The Eastgarden. PDF Download Page. Donny Reyes, General Coordinator of Arcoiris, was detained by a police patrol on March 18, while exiting a taxi in Tegucigalpa.

Donny had not committed any infraction and demanded to know why he was being detained. The officers beat him and then took him to a police station where they left him in a cell for six and a half hours, where other detainees repeatedly raped and beat him, allegedly encouraged by a police officer. Donny Reyes has lodged a formal complaint about this. Since then police appear to have attempted to intimidate him. Amnesty International believes that he, and other members of the organisation he heads, may bein grave danger.

New arbitrary detentions. The policemen requested her to get in the car without giving any reason. When she refused, they violently detained and brought her to the Municipal Police Department Posta Municipal. After half-an-hour, seven other women were arrested and brought to the station, three of them travestis.

Next, they were physically, verbally, and psychologically abused by the police officers. The Gay and Lesbian Movement in Honduras. To mention a few Amnesty International is calling for urgent action to protect the key witness in the prosecution of a police officer who is alleged to have murdered a transsexual sex worker, known as 'Ericka', in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in July More than gay and transsexual sex workers are estimated to have been killed in Honduras since Few of these cases have been officially registered, and fewer still investigated or the perpetrators brought to justice Twelve people including Flores and several staff members from "Comunidad Gay," were arrested and held for 24 hours and then released.

The bar never reopened.

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The raid was part of the new "zero tolerance for crime and delinquency" program announced in January by President Maduro and implemented by Mayor Kilgore. Kilgore has also ordered city police to detain "transvestites and effeminate looking people" if they cross the railroad tracks that divide the city's south side from its downtown area Police officers also have the authority to seek out social locations including bars, nightclubs, and parks where LGBT individuals have been found to frequent.

The government has also announced the formation of a "reeducation" program for prostitutes, and several transgendered individuals have been transported involuntarily to be enrolled Amnesty International is therefore increasingly concerned for her safety and that of other members of the non-governmental organization Comunidad Gay Sampedrana Gay Community of San Pedro Sula , in northern Honduras However, one of the police agents escaped custody in mid-August and, to Amnesty International's knowledge, has not yet been recaptured. Members of the Comunidad Gay Sampedrana have received anonymous telephone death threats in relation to the case Mean age of first sexual intercourse was The HIV prevalence was high, with low condom use rates, high numbers of sexual partners, low risk perception, and a high percentage of behavioral bisexuality.

Honduras, with 5. Costa Rica, with 3.

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He says his family in Tegucigalpa is wealthy but will have nothing to do with him So he just went outside and found a place to lie down and died. Eventually the women accepted me without a husband and children and embraced me even though with my white skin and green eyes were almost ridiculous to them I missed the American lesbians, gays, tranies, drag queens, and artists who had taught me to value open-mindedness, honesty about being a lesbian, and to be grateful for the past struggles that have helped me be free.

At first I thought that I had lacked the courage to do this, but I have begun to think that being gay in Central America is really so much more complicated than I ever wanted to admit. Maybe it was a courageous thing not to come out there. What I am sure of is that my experiences in Honduras were rich. They have changed my life, and I am a smarter and more patient lesbian because of them. Why So High? A Knotty Story : Garifuna culture, discrimination against gay men, massive migration, the Cold War, and ignored prisoners all are theories that attempt to explain this country's serious epidemic In , Honduras in general had an adult prevalence of 1.

That makes it the hardest-hit country in Central America other than relatively tiny Belize see p. The spread is mainly through heterosexual sex, which is reflected by a nearly ratio of male to female AIDS cases. Heterogender Homosexuality in Honduras - - by Stephen O.

Heterogender Homosexuality in Honduras balances representations of the flamboyant and voluble "queens" with the perspectives of masculine male partners who generally hide their participation in sex with homosexuals and blend into the population of "regular guys" hombres The first chapter reviews some of the contentious issues in the study of gendered homosexuality and explains how the Chilean graduate student did fieldwork in Honduras The following three chapters lay out the ideologies of man-male penetration in Honduras and other lower-class "traditional" Latin American settings, beginning with discussion of the norms regarded as pregiven by nature that men cannot be penetrated and homosexuals cannot penetrate The fifth chapter lays out the typology of kinds of males who have sex with males that the effeminate homosexuals locas believe in and act upon.

The following chapter investigates the views of their sexuality held by the young men who penetrate homosexuals The conclusion challenges the equation of penetration with honor and being penetrated with shame. To the contrary, these and other authors have found the heterosexually identified males who have sexual relations with less masculine males do not brag about their conquest of biological males and try to keep others from learning about what they do, whereas the "queens" openly revel in their "conquests" of masculine partners.

The "locas" crazy feminine males do not seek either conventional male honor or convention female honor Gay Churches Expand to Latin American Congregations : Homosexuals in Honduras respond to new denomination's message that homosexuality and Christianity are compatible: "Excluded from traditional churches, homosexual Christians in Latin America are forming their own congregations with help from the biggest homosexual denomination in the United States According to Nelson Arambu, of the Violet Collective, it was the first formal worship held specifically for gays and lesbians in Honduras.

And since the churches have a lot of influence with the government and society, they contribute to an environment where we're rejected by our families, forcing many homosexuals into the streets where they have to sell their bodies to survive, or end up committing suicide. Resources : - Gay. Or who is the woman? The life of an MSM in Belize is more than just about sex or sexuality.

It is defined by interests in techno music vs dancehall.

It is defined by who works, who pays the bills or divisions in the house chores, mundane stuff. Such mundane activities then reflect itself in definitions of class, ethnicity, educational levels, professional standing, and sexuality.

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The point is that there is as much diversity in the MSM and gay culture in Belize as there are stereotypes to overcome The unique health information that the men who have sex with men need to prevent transmission of HIV is still evolving in the community. Lesbian Love : "The attitude against homosexuals is well known and the big event that marked the arrival of the "Leeward" ship to Belize is still recent enough.

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By contrast Belizeans seem to be more tolerant of lesbians. A man who will loudly condemn a homo, suddenly becomes soft spoken and understanding on the subject of lesbians. Double-Edged British Legacy In Belize, another CARICOM country linked more to the region by language, culture and history, than geography, there is apparently less overt violence against gays, but the gay community still remains completely closeted.

I recently spoke with a former Belizan Minister who said she personally is an advocate of gay rights, but hesitated when I asked if she would be willing to say this publicly in her country. There is a non-governmental organization in Belize that provides support services to gay and lesbian people, but doesn't advertise them. Gays and lesbians are "everywhere" in Belize, and even occupy important governmental positions, but they remain psychologically oppressed within their culture.

Understanding the homosexual factor - Part IV: Homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality — the deadly connection : Alternate Link In discussing the relationship between homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality, a number of pointers may have to be mapped out. In addition, certain lead ideas may have to be established to increase our horizon in understanding the broad implications of a lifestyle that has taken on so much social clout that it has been able to, on many issues, suspend, reconstruct, or reorganize reality to the detriment of all.

Homosexuality is a lifestyle, not a way of living.

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It is recreational, it is incidental, and an end, not a means to an end. Is their mission clearly understood? Or was it a case of picking the wrong priority? This is more troubling when members of a gay advocacy group wrote an email to confirm that the response published was in line with their requirement from the commission. Did the RED Cross of Belize have the same priority for jumping into the fray to protect homosexuals from being identified as having anything to do with the origin of AIDS? The press release by the Ambassador to AIDS thus raises an issue of concern to all Belizeans, and should stand as a point of caution to all parents and organizations involved in the protection of Belizean children from the ravages of the homosexual lobby.

It is clear that season open. Except, of course, if it is something essential… like Mr. Congratulations Mr. Okeke, on an excellent series of articles on demonic behavior. It is all about saving the children. Give them the truth, to counter American and British media fabrications. Love the man, but condemn that horrid deed!

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The homosexual high school administrator : The school once had a counselor who had built a rapport with some of the students. Some of the boys in the school some of them minors were wondering whether they were homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Some of them complained of being bullied into sexual activity by older boys at school.

Some students reported having sexual relations with a leading school administrator. Some of them were minors, which made this doubly illegal.

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In some instances, students confided in the administrator, and it was during those vulnerable moments that they were initiated into the world of homosexuality. One relative told the counselor that the administrator sodomized him. They do not want for their children to be sucked into homosexuality before they have a chance to decide how it is that they want to live.

No parent really wants his little boy to become a girl, or his little girl to become a boy, if you understand what we mean. Pedophilia is much worse than homosexuality. But because the homosexuals have been getting away with so much, those at that school feel they have to cover up for pedophilia. Until then, pedophiles and hypocrites, let the silence reign.