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A lengthy conversation, Should be safe right? Wrong After I helped her work through some issues as a new awakened empath, I was sooo drained I knew then she was a narcissist. They sneak into these groups to feed. Reported her and she qas kicked out of the group Beware the internet,don t fear it it can be a wonderful tool as well.

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If the first law of thermodynamics is correct, energy is neither created nor destroyed. So there can only be a transfer of energy. But there can be a mutual exchange. Thanks for the comment.

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Hello, my question goes like this: At what point can we say that the exchange of energy is mutual, complimentary and benefiting both of us? When both parties are neutral, open, and honest — when they both know their shadows and are psychologically integrated — only then can such an exchange take place.


However, under these conditions, such an exchange is also unnecessary. Indeed, Rob. I apologise in advance. I guess my biggest issue with myself is, Ive existed in a self pity frame of mind for 10 years after a diagnosis if Graves dis-ease. This has become such a habit of mind I truly dont know how to overcome it. Let alone the fact my life is exhausting with a 5 year old son who is misbehaving from our ineffective parenting that he is displaying signs of the trauma you are describing.

I would not know where to start on my healing journey. Im exhausted to try anything but just get by each day, stressing that I cant work due to the illness, feeling lack everywhere, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, socially. Wow arent I bloody complicated. I realise you are not my counseller yet from your generous responses to others, I can hope you may have some assurance for me, even if I shouldnt be needing this!! Thanks Scott for being you. Archetypes are set patterns of behavior that rule us from the unconscious.

The Wounded or Sick One : It loves being sick because it gets attention from Healers and anyone who will listen. The Hypochondriac: A close cousin of the Wounded.

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Often goes hand-in-hand with the Doctor. The Lazy Part: The lazy hates working — even the idea of it.

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It will manipulate the Wounded part to stay active. Also, be aware of the part of you that hates being a parent EVERY parent has this part whether they are honest about it or not. Getting distance from them and observing them clearly can lessen their influence. Your reply is much appreciated. I see now how Ive forgotton Im a whole being and have been operating under very separate paradigms.

Your insights are uncomfortably correct!! Certainly, Melissa. They all tend to imply achieving them can only occur in the far-off distant and mythological future. Instead, consider okayness and acceptance. You can have those right now if you choose …. It was a very emotional experience for me.

While reading this article the same realization rang true again. I know what you mean, Joe. Thank you. If you want hugs and so on from your romantic partner for your own happiness and needs, is that energy stealing? I understand that people project their shadow to others.

Vampire Beach 1: Bloodlust; Initiation - Alex Duval - Google Books

They blame others to feel good about themselves. If someone blames me I lose energy by reacting and feeling and thinking that what is happening and what is this drama and by having a headache, right?? If I stay neutral I dont lose energy. It was said that when a female wants seduce people she is influenced by such a being. Same thing was not said about men. Is that cultural influence because it is more acceptable for men to seduce women here and there? It is female sexuality that awakens horror in people.

So, according to my understanding, if I am eager to offer healing help for people who dont even ask for it, that is my way of being an energy vampire. It makes me feel valuable and I want to feel that I have helped someone. So I can stay high. I am a healer student. I am also partly graduated from some of schools, so I have customers sometimes too but not so much. I still dont fully understand the concept of taking energy from others.

Or maybe I did understand, at lest something. I believe I did mention this above. That said, there are energetic differences between males and females, however. Most notably, men lose energy from sex especially orgasm and ejaculation. Women, in contrast, do not generally lose energy from sex; instead, they tend to gain energy.

I believe this dynamic is behind the 10,year-old battle between the sexes.

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Ultimately, as observers like Maslow and Jung noted, the more positive mental health you attain, the less involved you want to be with others. You become self-contained and as a consequence, you allow others to be so as well. Otherwise, we fall to host of neurotic, vampiric, and dependent tendencies. Okay, I do this all the time and maybe I need to adjust my behaviour.

I always try to help people without them asking. And I often get in trouble for it. One typical example: The other day my year-old landlord was mixing paint with his bare hands. Having had the experience of traveling world wide for two years I often washed my clothes in the sinks of hotels with laundry detergent. There was no problem the first 35 times I did this, Then on approximately the 36th time my skin completely fell off one of my hands.

Now 3 years later this has not healed and is so painful I cannot even push the button on my iphone. So I wanted to warn my landlord to not expose his hand skin to chemicals and I ran upstair to give him several pairs of latex gloves to use in the future. Had he been another kind of person he would have been less jovial about my uninvited help. So my question is how do I stop my knee jerk reaction to help people and offer advise. Experience has definitely shown me it is not welcomed. This is where shadow work and self-awareness comes in. As a general rule, behind virtually all altruistic behavior is a shadow intention.

So instead of trying to change the behavior, examine it more closely. Pay attention to internal voices, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. So does that mean in the name of equilibrium and balance the inverse aplies. Or is it just good deeds done with ostensibly good intentions that are suspect? Our collective bias is towards goodness, not evil. They would just be more honest accurate with themselves. Hi Scott, so does it mean that the more women have sex, the more they become energetic while the more men have sex, the more they get drained of energy? Based on my understanding, yes, women are likely to gain energy from sex while men who ejaculate or orgasm always lose energy. I believe this energetic reality forms the basis of the gender wars and many of the challenges couples have on a subconscious level. If a man has a strong warlock in him and the women has a lot of emotional damage, he can probably drain her energy too.

Where does the energy go with television and film when it sparks an emotional charge? Good question, Tova. So the emotional energy that TV and film evokes does go somewhere. But we can only theorize and guess where …. On point, for me the share is informative, interesting and amusingly familiar.

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I first read about energy vampires seven years ago, and was practicing Qi Gon, for a minute. Then the Law Of attraction took hold. Not that I think practicing law of attraction is bad, but I have seen over the past seven years how it does not work for me without doing shadow work.