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Clients come to me from all over the world and I do medical intuitive scans. I scan peoples' bodies and I get information from my Spirit Team. I go through everybody's body and I tell them everything that's wrong with them emotionally, physically.

Reverse Engineering Miracles

It could be an injury from a long time ago, it could be cancer or disease. I connect all the dots. I can do this in 2. Like when they're having surgery, they're under anesthesia.

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You go into this really cool energetic field and I do surgery on you and the tumor or the node is dissolved. I put things back together that are out of place. This is the energy of Christ Light - Christ Consciousness, I call it - which is feminine and masculine. Because God is in everything. I felt everything especially our agreements.

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So as above so as below. It can be found at any place in those all languages that are.

Data Itself organizes, it organizes everything that is God. I experience this. The power of the vacuum is constantly applied. When two people are in agreement, it creates in this world because the black whole absorbs information from us and radiates information into this existence.


I know when we hold a past hurt we are withholding vacuum fluctuations from its fullest potential. Amos We live within a macroscopic perception of separateness. And science along with sage religious elders share we are all spinning to a similar cosmic pattern. These patterns are agreed upon. All of this data and my story is to come to the conclusion that human beings are not separate from each other or Nature. We are interrelated, and our actions have consequences to all beings. Not everyone needs scientific data to convince them to consider themselves and their neighbors as a dwelling place of God and our agreements.

Many respect the interconnected system of life and have never looked to science, history or a book for mystical experience. The wisdom of God spoke to them in their language from the inside out. You release vacuum fluctuations that can create better potentials for you and all of the humanity. This article was written for publication based out of Pakistan. Larsen writes for this magazine to support friends that facilitate an orphanage in Pakistan:. Isaiah Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Could you give your pain and stories to God? Could you use your brain to connect with God and receive the peace of God? Can your brain change and rewire to see and experience miracles? More than anything in my life, I want you to find the peace of God. I found it. And I am passionate about helping others find it. Together, here we can create the peace of God for everyone. I had a traumatic childhood and dedicated my life to being of service to God. I used service as a way to thank God for being rescued.

I became a doctor and began to serve all I could. I believed giving healthcare would bring the peace of God to those I served and I would be worthy! I had to want the peace of God not just for the people I was serving. In , I felt God offering me a deeper level of peace, the only catch. I had to want the peace of God for me and my developing baby.

I had to change, I had to take risks, and I had to learn to consider me. About your evolution and regions of your brain Psychologists have long known that negative thought processes create. These thoughts play themselves over and over until you do something consciously to stop them. The more these negative thoughts loop, the stronger the neural pathways become, and the more difficult it becomes to stop them!

This is why thoughts that cause depression, anxiety, panic, obsessions, and compulsions can become so difficult to combat. Suicide, addiction, and accidents happen. And along the way, these thoughts stir up emotional and physiological reactions. Your cells are regenerating right now!

TUNING INTO THE STATE OF YOUR BODY: Intuition, Cancer & Miracles. | Ask Sara with Sara Wiseman

Your thoughts are evolving you right now! You will become more loving and living or you will become more fearful and available to the Angel of death. In my personal journey, I had learned faulty fearful beliefs. I thought that you had to deny your own wants in order to serve God.

My cells were not regenerating health and vibrancy towards myself. My self-talk was harsh. My body was looping two main themes: It is only safe to give and work harder, you will feel better not having needs! By day my brain and medical skills were highly in service to others. By night, I had a negative loop traumatizing me.

Intuition, Cancer & Miracles : A Passage of Hope & Healing

I denied there was ever a problem. Everything, nicely sugar-coated! No one around me knew me, not even me. God knew me. The subject I want to better. Sages from Socrates to Meister Eckhart have told us the best way to find God is to look within yourself. Marriages make you look within:. I had refused to learn about myself because I had wired everything about me to myself in a loop of pain, discomfort, and hurt. Serving others felt good. Thinking about me felt bad. God arranged a meeting with destiny. Angel lobes are latent lobes found in the prefrontal cortex region of your brain.

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This is a region of the brain that creates extraordinary possibility for humanity. The late Dr. Current research by Dilip V. Jeste, MD, and Thomas W. Their research is focused primarily on functional neuroimaging studies. These studies measure changes in blood flow or metabolic alterations in the brain, as well as on neurotransmitter functions and genetics.

They found, for example, your medial pre-frontal cortex is activated by pondering a situation calling for altruism. Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and Medial pre-frontal cortex is activated while moral decision-making is considered. This wires different parts of your brain for sustaining attention and working memory. Your medial pre-frontal cortex is the seat of emotional and social working memory! If you get pain, trauma and not knowing yourself out of the way, God can do even more amazing work through you!

You have to know you in order to access God at deeper and deeper levels. You change yourself by letting go and breaking patterns with you that no longer serve! Then you become the place where angel lobes fire frequently and miracles are possible! I was pondering the questions that caused this curious region to receive blood and metabolism. I receive clear messages and solutions from a higher power. It can inform you and all who choose to participate in self-evolution based being a beneficial presence on the planet for God.

I was helping alleviate suffering for the poor but I was not taking responsibility for evolving myself or the future.

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I was almost on autopilot. I listened to the urge to go to Nashville.

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I listened to the directions to spend time where God said was necessary. I believe God chose for me. I rarely slept more than an hour and I could easily give to others but I could not easily receive from others! I was in Nashville for a very short period.