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No other star came to symbolise cherished American values as he did. The actor was often accused of simply playing himself. He certainly had his flaws — heavy drinking and serial infidelity among them.

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But none of these weaknesses bothered Wayne as much as what he regarded as the real stain on his character — his failure to fight in World War II. Anxious to make amends, he became a flag-waving, Right-wing patriot who alienated liberal Hollywood, says Eyman.

Wayne epitomised rugged masculinity in his roles and that was certainly no act. Even as a star, he sought out the rough-and-ready company of stuntmen, who taught him how to ride, rope a steer and twirl a Winchester rifle. If they were friends, he loved to pore through clothing catalogues and order them outfits he liked. But, in real life, he had three wives, all of them of the trophy variety. Walking the walk: The star left told a friend he 'took' Marlene Dietrich right on the staircase of a hotel.

Not that he was faithful but, his pals insist, he was not as compulsive a womaniser as most Hollywood leading men.

The actor had soon installed her in Hollywood with a non-existent job at his film studio. But he was also having an affair with Dietrich at the same time. Film director Tay Garnett had introduced the German actress to Wayne in as a possible co-star with her in the aptly-named film Seven Sinners. They hardly tried to hide their affair: whenever Wayne arrived on set, Dietrich — six years his senior — would leap into his arms and wrap her legs around him.

Mrs Wayne had tolerated his previous dalliances, but the combination of Dietrich and Chata proved too much. She asked an Irish priest to visit their home and counsel her straying husband. The Waynes divorced, and when suggestions of her coldness in the marital bed were made in court, she pointed to their four children as evidence to the contrary. His marriage to Chata, who barely spoke any English, was another disaster.

Their sex life was everything he could ask for but she had a vicious temper. Once, when she was drunk she gouged his face, leaving him with an ugly gash on his cheek. Screen legend: But Wayne's His marriage to Chata, who barely spoke any English, was another disaster. Duke — as he liked to be called — finally called time on his marriage to Chata when, one day in May , he sat on their bed lacing his shoes and noticed a Hilton Hotels jacket pin on the floor.

He realised it belonged to Nicky Hilton, the hard-partying hotel heir and, until the previous year, husband of Elizabeth Taylor. But in the divorce court, Chata accused Wayne of having an affair with actress Gail Russell while they were shooting a film. His third wife, Peruvian beauty Pilar Palette, became addicted to sleeping pills. Hallucinating one night while on location with Wayne in Louisiana, she slit her wrists. Typically he hired nurses to accompany her back to California but stayed on to make the film.

He hit back, telling the court that after Nicky Hilton had spent a week at his house, he had found a sheet of paper on which his wife had doodled how her name would look as the new Mrs Hilton. He met wife number three, Peruvian beauty Pilar Palette, while scouting filming locations in Peru for his blockbuster The Alamo. She swiftly divorced her husband and moved to Hollywood with Wayne. Permanently stressed by the huge cultural shift from Peru to Hollywood, she became addicted to sleeping pills.

The workaholic Wayne, typically, hired nurses to accompany her back to California but stayed on to make the film.

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They had three children together but separated after 19 years, and Wayne became romantically involved for the rest of his life with his former secretary, Pat Stacy. Lothario: John Wayne, pictured right with actress Lana Turner, did try his best to be a family man, say some. They became good friends and starred together in three films, including The Quiet Man. He married women he thought he could control. WWII was career gold for Wayne, who made 13 films and exploited the lack of competition for roles.

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World War II was career gold for Wayne, who made 13 films during the conflict, exploiting the lack of competition for roles as other actors enlisted. He was exempted from the call-up due to his age, 34, but older stars such as Henry Fonda and Clark Gable enlisted anyway. Eyman is unconvinced by the various excuses that Wayne and his family have made for his military cop-out over the years, such as his large number of dependants and a recurring ear infection. But even then, Wayne stressed he had three films he needed to make first.

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Dogged by cancer — he used to smoke six packs of cigarettes a day — Wayne was a very sick man by the time he made his last film, The Shootist, in He died aged 72 in , having endured years of pain that became so excruciating at one point he implored his son to hand him his. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. John Wayne, the most unlikely lothario in the West: A trio of exotic wives and affairs with secretaries and screen sirens.

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Comments Share what you think. In addition, Vergara lent her voice to the animated comedy The Emoji Movie Moreover, she became a prevalent subject of celebrity blogs and tabloids as the rare female sex symbol to burst onto the international stage in her late 30s. Vergara also proved that she was a savvy businesswoman as she capitalized on her omnipresent celebrity status to grow Latin World Entertainment—a talent-management firm that she cofounded in —into one of the most-powerful Hispanic media marketing companies in the world.

In Vergara became a U.

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Download e-book Latina Sex Stories: A Miami Beach Escapade

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