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How could I have known How fast her memory would fade But I got caught in the magic Of a night so far away Must be the light of the Asian Moon Could be a song an old Asian Tune Lovely dark haired ladies and the words they say A late night sail on a moonlit bay Could be the stars in the Asian Sky That got me flying and feelin' so high I never thought the hurt would heal so soon Must be the light of the Asian Moon. That old moon cleared my mind 'Bout what's important to me Now I want to live and love And laugh that's all I need.

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Visit timeanddate. However, here are the times for totality for some major cities. From an observing perspective, it will be very well placed. The total lunar eclipse will also be visible from the UK and Western Europe in the small hours before dawn.

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Since the moon will be low in the western sky by the time totality ceases, the UK and Europe are best placed for photographers wanting to get views of the eclipsed moon set against a landscape. Lunar eclipses. You should watch from at least an hour before these totality times: London Jan.

Asian Moon

Paris Jan. Madrid Jan. Canary Islands Jan. New York Jan. Chicago Jan.