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Different shapes and hues, some which glowed, some had sweet smells. Which lead Hajime to believe it was being kept somewhere safe, away from prying eyes or thieving hands. He was hiding something and Hajime wished to know what it was. Tooru was starting to realize the human would not let this go. He thought about telling him the truth. If he knew maybe… maybe…. He let go of him there and continued to the kitchen. Hajime stressed him out. His secrets did. Before Hajime he had been living a boring life, all alone, the only thing keeping him entertained was his past time of traveling the world looking for new pieces to add to his collection.

This question made Tooru sigh again and look at the other apprehensively. He was quiet for a long moment before finally confessing. Needless to say, Hajime was not at all prepared for that admission. Slowly, he got closer to Tooru and sat beside him on the couch. Hajime sat back against the back of the couch and drew a long breath, as if digging around painful recollections and fixed his eyes on a random stop on the ceiling. Then he proceeded to explain firstly, what his powers actually consisted off.

Truthful Heart, Lost Soul, And Golden Wings.

He was a shapeshifter, a dragon shapeshifter to be exact, just as his father had been. And the reason why he denied his heritage was because when he was a young man, his mother had died a tragic death, death which he blamed on his father. His father had married his mother, a beautiful human woman. He knew she had no real way of protecting herself if a magic being such as him ever came after her. And that had been what happened.

Lost Soul Wings Harness – The Dark Side of Fashion

And neither had Hajime, who had been with him at the time. His father was training him, teaching him how to control his dragon form. And because of that his mother had died. After a few months, Hajime left. All he did was tell Hajime his own. He told Hajime how he had been born a powerless human. Spell magic, accessible to humans. He used it to become one and have the powers it came with. Alas, there was a great flaw in my masterful plan. Hajime nodded.

And then what? I get my soul back and then you leave. Why should I trust you so blindly? Tooru thought it over. He agreed in a way that it was fair to be so. And maybe it was time to stop holding grudges and give in to who he was. Tooru then disappeared into his secret room and came back with four little pearls and the Crystal.

With his claw, Tooru slashed a small cut in both their palms.

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They squeezed the pearls until they broke and they felt themselves be carried away. When he regained his bearings, Hajime looked around. He was standing on a coal black ground, a river of lava gurgling beside him. Tooru was in front of him, already stalking of somewhere. Tooru did as he previously explained, he threw the Crystal in and they saw it melt for a second.

With the pearls in their hands, they quickly smashed them. They were back in the apartment and Tooru sniffed his shirt, making a disgusted face. He looked at Hajime. Hajime was right. He looked so And then Hajime was standing behind him, pulling him in.

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Hajime felt warm. That was new. Tooru nested himself closer, soaking it up.

He asked if they could cuddle for a while. It had been almost two years now since Tooru had gotten his soul back and although his moral compass was, at times, still at odds, he could say Hajime's presence in his life had greatly improved his bad thoughts about his human weaknesses.

Besides that, Hajime had kept his promise and Tooru felt safer knowing that, if they were truly in danger, Hajime could once again transform into the dragon deity he had been suppressing for all these years. At first, it had not been easy. Hajime was out of sink with his inner beast and he wasn't able to transform fully and then at times, he wasn't able to make parts of the dragon go away. He would walk around for days with these curly ivory horns and scales in weird places. For the first year, they were still living apart in their own places.

I feel like a stranger. And my wings were cut away. I lost my wings I lost my soul Am I real? Everything I do, Everything say I can't feel. Poison in my blood. I don't have control over me.

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  8. Soul without the heart. I am loosing a grip on to my life. As I turn around and look back for what I have done I can't believe that's me. But who is she? Piercing trough the heart Now bleeding and won't be same again Tattooing in the arm Having all the names I've betrayed.

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    I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Lost My Wings Ad Lunam. This angel has fallen. The dark side is calling. I'm not thinking on my own. Everything I do, Everything say I can't feel Poison in my blood.

    I am loosing a grip on to my life This angel is dying Something else is rising It can't be kept inside I lost my wings I lost my soul Am I real? Piercing trough the heart Now bleeding and won't be same again Tattooing in the arm Having all the names I've betrayed This angel is killing Having life without meaning I have nothing to loose I lost my wings I lost my soul Am I real? Written by: Do you know who is the writer of this song?