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REVES INACHEVES (French Edition)

When French publisher Hazan showed interest for this biography, the author wrote it again, this time in French. Odile Ayral-Clause discovered the young poet Sabine Sicaud by chance.

She took it, sat down on the floor, and the book opened on the poems of a child. Intrigued, she started reading and was deeply moved by this discovery.

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She wanted to find out more on this true poet, who had died at fifteen and was still unknown. With help from French record producer Skread, they released their first mixtape Fantasy: Episode 1 in with 11 tracks.


Afterwards, the two decided to focus on building their solo careers. In August , Orelsan released his first clip on YouTube, called "Ramen", followed by a second one in , called "Saint-Valentin", a sarcastic parody on Valentine's Day that attracted great following prompting him to release more of his work online through YouTube and Myspace. In , the record label 3 e Bureau noticed his work and offered him an opportunity to produce an album in collaboration with 7th Magnitude, a record label founded by Skread and his colleague Ablaye.

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In the summer of , he promoted the release of "Changement", his first single released on 13 October , and its music video through the TF1 Video and Nolife TV channels. The video was Orelsan's first professionally prepared clip. On 16 February , Orelsan released his debut album Perdu d'avance , a provocative album produced by Skread, that included 14 tracks. In , Orelsan also collaborated with The Toxic Avenger on the extended play N'importe comment , releasing three music videos, a single and a maxi single containing remixes, all on the Roy Music label.

Also in , Orelsan collaborated with Nessbeal in "Ma grosse" and was part of the Diversidad project, joining a great number of rappers from various European countries. In September , during an interview with Canal Street , Orelsan announced that he was working on his new album that would come out in On 30 May , Orelsan released "RaelSan", a pre-release and lead single for his upcoming second album. A fifth single, "La terre est ronde", was released from the album on 24 December, and a sixth single, "Ils sont cools" featuring Gringe, was released on 22 June Receiving generally positive reviews from music critics, the album was certified gold only one month after release in France, with over 50, copies sold, and was certified platinum in with over , copies sold.

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On May 4, he posted another photo, this time of himself with Gringe in the film, confirming that shooting for the film was complete and that its title would be Comment c'est loin. Both were released on December 9 and, like Orelsan et Gringe sont les Casseurs Flowters , received generally positive reviews from critics. The album was certified platinum in France in January In April , Orelsan announced that he and Gringe were working on their third and debut solo studio albums respectively, but did not reveal any release dates.

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In , controversy erupted involving some of Orelsan's work that included violent and misogynist lyrics, particularly in "Saint-Valentin" and "Sale pute" the latter is French for "Dirty whore". Neither song appeared on his debut album Perdu d'avance , but were made available online. Many blog campaigns followed, demanding that he be banned from appearing at a scheduled gig at the Printemps de Bourges festival. It also supported the campaign to remove Orelsan from Printemps de Bourges. She also offered help to groupings that wanted to file a lawsuit based on Article 24 of the law on freedom of the press, that forbids incitement to commit crimes.

I shot a clip where I am wearing a suit and tie and am drinking alcohol, to show that this is a fiction. In any case, I do apologize for the violence.

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The attitude of this character disgusts me, but I feel I am artistically representing the incident as hatred exactly as a film like A Clockwork Orange does. This is not a misogynist text on the contrary. He added: "[However] whatever I said, I will always be less violent than the series broadcast on TF1, where a guy gets hit every five minutes for no reason.