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There is a lot to this question, but Dr. Craig gave some brief thoughts. Don't criticize Muhammad. Don't get their backs up by attacking their prophet.

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I wouldn't even quibble about the Qur'an and errors in the Qur'an versus the Bible. Focus on Jesus. Paul says that Jesus is the stumbling stone. He is the stumbling stone for both Jews and for Gentiles. It is the same with Muslims. It is who Jesus was and what he claimed that divides Islam fundamentally from Christianity. Here the evidence is just all on the Christian side.

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  2. If This Isnt Love: As voyeurs in this world we pass by and pass judgement; we remain travelers because we take no risks to find the truth. (Greyhound Lady Walking Series Book 5).
  4. The one indisputable fact about Jesus of Nazareth that is recognized by every historical scholar is that Jesus died by crucifixion at the hands of the Romans. Yet this is the one historical fact about Jesus that the Qur'an denies. The Muslim does not believe that Jesus was crucified. But it was only made to appear to them so.

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    In my experience, sharing your faith with a Muslim is very much like sharing your faith with a Jehovah's Witness. It will be the same verses, the same passages, that you will use because the Jehovah's Witness also denies that Jesus is the Son of God, denies the deity of Christ. So you will share passages with the Jehovah's Witness that shows that Jesus made claims whereby he put himself in the place of God himself. Then also you've got the evidence for the crucifixion and the resurrection. I think this presents a very, very powerful case for thinking that the Christian view of Jesus is correct in contrast to the Muslim view.

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    Sharing Your Faith With Muslims

    I'm Kevin Harris. We'll see you next time on Reasonable Faith with Dr. That means asking questions in response to what your friend is sharing, that help to draw this out.

    Some examples could be things like;. Have fun and smile Allow the conversation to be relaxed and fun. If you find yourself loosing joy, or getting intense, then take a breather. You could start by asking if you could share a story about something that has happened to you. Think through your own relationship with Jesus, what makes your connection unique and special? Friendships take time Just like any friendships, some take longer to establish, while others can happen very quickly.

    Your personal experience and stories are a great way to share the truth about Jesus.

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    Ask God for the right moments along the way, He will show you. Be bold! Be courageous. Instead, your testimony is an opportunity to tell how God is working in your life. Acknowledge the fact that God has been pursuing you from birth.

    Reaching Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and Muslims - By Wilbur Lingle

    Be sure to emphasize the peace you have with God because of the assurance of your sin being forgiven. Speak about being with Him one day in heaven. Muslims have no assurance of salvation and often are terrified of the Day of Judgment. Be assured that God working in their lives. The same goes for aspects of Muslim culture genuinely approved of by God. For example, when they are hospitable, demonstrate care for parents, concern for poor, or seem faithful in their prayers, tell them you thank God for placing this desire in them.

    Give God credit where credit is due. I have known Muslims for 15 years and to this date I have never had a Muslim refuse prayer or take offense that I pray in the name of Jesus. Did you ever consider that your prayers are sacred space and that by inviting a Muslim in they get to meet God in a way that they have probably never done before.

    How Should Christians Share Their Faith with Muslims?

    You may find that your Muslim friend will begin coming to you with prayer requests. Do not say I will pray for you and send them on, pray right then and there. Before they leave your home, pray for them.

    Sharing Your Faith - Islam

    Before you leave their home, pray for them. Ask the Lord to give them dreams and visions and to guide them to the truth. I cannot overstate the importance praying with your Muslim friends. Muslims like to talk about Jesus. Resolve to know nothing except Christ and Him crucified 1 Cor. Believing in Jesus is the only sufficient stumbling block to Muslims following Him.