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Halves of two upper rotary grinding stones, one with hole for handle. Grinding ore on bucking plate.

(PDF) Deux romans baroques français en ligne : Artamène, L’Astrée | Alexandre Gefen -

Washing powdered ore with Cornish vanning shovel. Steps 1 and 2, crushing, grinding, and washing the ore we have seen. This in turn is heated in air until the lead oxidizes and runs into the porous bed as litharge, leaving little beads of gold, electrum, or silver. If refined gold is desired, as for coinage, then Step 7 may be carried out. The gold or electrum beads are placed in a jar with salt and a flux such as silica and heated for five days until it stops smoking.

The silver oxides are taken up by the walls of the container and refined gold is left. If the objective is to recover the silver as well, the container may be crushed and the smelting with lead and cupellation steps may be repeated to win the silver. Only the urgent need of the Byzantine empire for gold could justify such an expense. We do not know exactly, but the recent excavations found evidence in at least two trenches Fig.

When was the site finally abandoned?

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By this time the Byzantine empire was pressed by enemies on many fronts, so the manpower and resources to support a remote mine were even more urgently needed elsewhere. The relatively easy gold was gone. Finally, about this time the first of a series of plagues 19 hit Egypt. Even if they did not penetrate to the desert, they would have further drained the resources of the empire. Steven E. Sidebotham and Dr. Jean-Pierre Brun. Nor should the hardworking field teams go unnamed: Henry Cowherd, Dr. Wendy Smith, and Dr.


Terry Wilfong. Bernand A. In La route de Myos Hormos. Cuvigny ed. Burstein S. Agatharcides of Cnidus, London. The Hakluyt Society. Cuvigny H. In Bir Umm Fawakhir. Meyer ed. In Social Approaches to an Industrial Past. Knapp, V. Piggott, and E. Herbert eds. Bir Umm Fawakhir Vol.

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt 40, pp. Peacock D. In Survey and Excavation at Mons Claudianus. Peacock and V. Maxfield ed.

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In Bir Umm Fawakhir Vol. Van der Veen M. Brun, T. Faucher, B. Redon and S. Sidebotham ed. It is virtually impossible to know what the ancient yields may have been. Whether the name was still used in the Byzantine period is unknown. The Coptos Tariff of A. For a fuller discussion of the kinds of crushing and grinding stones at the site, see Meyer , p. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

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At Maximianon the creation of the bath was done in a second phase, whereas it seems to have been planned from the beginning at Didymoi. Heating is also achieved using different technologies: a calorific supply must have come from outside the baths at Maximianon, which suggests the use of basins of hot water for ablutions after raising the temperature of the room with braziers, while we see the more classic device of a hypocaust at Didymoi, Dios and Xeron Pelagos. In the latter two cases, the bathing complex is sufficient for two or three dozen men and travellers who may have gone there.

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At Maximianon and Didymoi, on the other hand, we should highlight the relatively small size of these baths. The lack of water and scarcity of fuel must have seriously curbed the use of these thermal complexes. Unfortunately, there is not a single ostrakon informing us about the system of labour that managed the operation of these desert baths, contrary to what is observed at Bu Ngem, Libya, and there is even less information on how often they were open Marichal Max ; Cuvigny et al, , p.

As we know from excavations the position of the bath and that of the horreum and the pipe, it is easy to identify the praetorium of Maximianon, which comprises only a single room, a little larger than the others at the north-eastern corner of the fort. This was, however, in a state of reconstruction, and we do not know where the original building was fig. In other forts, this type of room has never been identified to date. Few internal developments have come to light. There too, antechambers are missing.