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Eventually Kane turns to the local community for help to rebuild the byre. But he is shunned, regarded now as a local stranger in the country of his birth. Kane eventually finds a means to rebuild the walls of the byre, but not without provoking the wrath of more than one of the locals. With an increasing sense of impending doom, we watch as his family begins to crumble as the walls are rebuilt.

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Few novels capture a reader as quickly and completely as The Black Snow. Lynch has an extraordinary gift of assimilating simple words into the most beautiful sentences that are at once effortlessly fresh and natural. He saw everywhere the ferocity of spring, the upswing against death that held within it an unfurling bass power that brought bud into leaf, bulb into flower, felt within himself a measure of the same ferociousness, could hear against the sky the sound of his soul singing.

This is a riveting book that is hard to put down and an absolute joy to read even though the subject matter is harsh and undeniably gloomy with no happy ending for Barnabas Kane. There will always be people born wired for books.

Every age has its contemplatives. Sooner or later, every serious writer will face the question of how much they need to disengage from the noise and unwire their brain from distraction.

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The internet generates a constant fear of missing out. It is the tyranny of the new. WC: Were you ever serious about photography?

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PL: That is interesting because my writing imagination is intensely visual. A book often begins with a vision, something half-seen that needs to be explored. But it took me some time to figure out my imagination needs to be written. There was a period in my twenties when I thought I might be a photographer.

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I pored over masters such as Cartier-Bresson and took to the streets. Though I did learn from it. How to see a face. The internal geometry of a scene. How to capture feeling in a place. And what makes it ideal? But I do identify with how Cartier-Bresson likened the decisive moment to zen archery, that one must be egoless, alert and present fully in the moment. Meditation forms a part of my daily life and it guides my mind into the necessary space for writing. It seems that I enter some kind of alertful trance when I work.

Black snow falls from the sky in Siberia, and it's toxic

I become the moment in which I am writing. Being open always to what is given to you is so important. The Black Snow was born entirely from a dream and the moment I woke I began taking notes. I saw the opening of the book as if seen from the sky, watching below as a byre stood burning and cattle ran flaming into the night. I did not know what it was other than that I had been gifted something that resonated deeply. WC: My favorite scene in Black Snow is when Barnabas breaks the taboo of leaving historical ruins undisturbed and, instead, starts removing the stones of a famine cottage, one wagon load at a time, to build something new for his family.

Barnabas gets pushed hard too and I admire how he rails against what is thrown at him. One of our art residents teamed up with Russian NGO Eco Defense and the Stop Coal campaign to create a short animation on the phenomenon of black snow caused by the open transport of coal in Russia. One problem in particular is the pollution caused by the open transport and storage of coal as it makes its way to the ports. Transporting coal in this way releases a huge amount of harmful coal dust into the air.

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In the winter, the result of this airborne pollution is particularly acute. The black coal dust combines with the falling snow and turns it black. This filthy snow then falls on the ground indiscriminately, not only near the ports and transport hubs, but also all over residential and public areas.

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  • A child, delighted to see the snow runs out to play, coughing but still managing to make snow angles and skate on the black landscape.