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Sweet tooth? Shop at a one-day cake shop to help those facing mental illness - Houston Chronicle

Welcome to the official, independent student-run newspaper of Hofstra University! The event was put together by the Osler Society, a forum in the Zucker School that pursues the humanities among health care professionals, along with students from the Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies.

PPD is a severe form of depression that can develop within a few days or weeks after giving birth. It is part of a group of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders PMAD and although it is most common in biological mothers, it can occur in fathers and adoptive parents as well.

Depression weighs down young women into suicides

Its symptoms include those associated with clinical depression, but it can also lead to people having difficulty bonding with their babies or even thoughts about harming themselves or their babies. During the monthslong trip, the two women interviewed other mothers who experienced PPD as well as medical professionals and scientists about the best ways to effectively diagnose and treat the disorder.

The film documents this journey. Lisa Martin, the director of humanities in medicine and specialist for contacts and communications at the Zucker School, gave an introduction to the film. Even as the mental health issues worsen each year, the national average is students per counselor.

Only three states in the nation meet the overall recommended ratio of to-1 for students-to-school-counselor. In kindergarten , instead of making art and new friends, they learned to write full-on sentences in timed tests. Hours spent in art, music, physical education and recess were limited, or eliminated. For fun, these students attended pep rallies to pump them up for state testing.

In the Pew survey of teens, academic pressure tops their list of stressors : 61 percent say they face a lot of pressure to get good grades. By comparison, 29 percent say they feel pressure to look good; 28 percent to fit in socially; and just 6 percent to drink alcohol. The other issue is social media. A study published in Clinical Psychological Science points to the development of something very troubling in the lives of U.

enter site The number of to year-olds who committed suicide jumped 31 percent. So, now she leaves her phone in my office.

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Students are incredibly mean to each other on social media. It also disrupts sleep, which is related to mental health.

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Solutions are complex, advocates say. Reamy often suggests therapy to students and parents, but many are resistant. Many school districts, alarmed by rising suicide rates, are hosting community-wide conversations, involving students, parents, and educators, about the academic and social pressures placed on kids.