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Since the fall of human kind, human beings created in the image and likeness of God, willed into existence in order to share in the divine nature, have been broken and confused about our own worth and destiny. Our deepest longings, Popcak explains, can lead us deeper into confusion or, when properly understood, can mark a powerful and beautiful path of sanctity, joy, and ultimate fulfillment.

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Though we are often tempted to feel that our lives and hopes and dreams are burning down around us, deification is the blueprint that allows us to rebuild our lives from the ashes and become everything God intended us to be from the beginning… Understanding deification enables us to finally stop running from our sins and instead begin running toward divinity. And yet, even that understandable fear is cast out by the perfect love see 1 Jn that flows from the heart of God, who calls to us, runs to meet us on the road, and wraps his finest cloak—his divinity—around us see Lk These seven divine longings have such tremendous potential to propel us toward divinization that Satan works hard to keep them hidden where we are least likely to look, behind the parts of ourselves we hate the most.

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Did you catch that? Lest you suspect that the book merely proposes these life-altering, hope-filled ideas, the rest of his work is specific, practical, and sites fascinating examples of actual individuals and couples whose lives and relationships were profoundly healed through the methods Popcak employs, based on these concepts.

Both our bodies and our brains are hardwired for holiness.

Using neuroscience, genetic studies, and the theology of the body, Dr. Within the path of sanctity lie all the secrets to our ultimate destiny: union with God and the most perfect expression of our holy individuality. Through these longings, God gets down on one knee and holds out—not a ring—but his Sacred Heart.

Seven Longings of the Human Heart

He is proposing to make you whole, and to show you how you can live in his love for all eternity. He is asking you if you would do him the honor of letting him fulfill your deepest desires so that you will never want for anything again, and so that you can discover how to love yourself the way he loves you.

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The beauty that God possesses is the very beauty that He imparts to His people in His salvation! The great God created us to be great. Therefore, we have a God-given desire for greatness and success. Matthew …but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.

We long for intimacy without shame in knowing and being known by God Gal. This close relationship with God involves a two-way knowing.

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He understands the secret aspects of our hearts and lives, which are unknown, unnoticed, and misunderstood by others. John We long to give our deepest affection to God.

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Our passionate God empowers us to be passionate. We are to love God with all of our heart and strength because God loves us with all of His heart. And through the transforming love He imparts to us, He empowers us to love ourselves and others.