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Either or both make indispensable desk references. Lost Keys of Freemasonry by Manly P. Hall , Macoy, macoy. Our Stations and Places by Henry G. Meacham , , Grand Lodge of New York —practical guidebook for protocol and performance within the lodge and among Masons. Provides day-to-day guidance for how to function as a Mason within the organization as it exists.

Mark A. Tabbert, , National Heritage Museum, supremecouncil. It also provides an excellent bibliography that may lead the reader to deeper sources. Plus great illustrations! This is an outstanding book! Jim T. Brent Morris , Alpha —These two book complement each other. The Dummies book is written by a Masonic amateur scholar with a lively wit, while Ill.

Morris is a foremost scholar of the Craft and provides more facts and figures. Kirk MacNulty, Thames and Hudson, —An excellent book that provides many wonderful illustrations. Its short narrative provides great insight into deeper meaning of Masonic ritual and truly conveys the great moral and spiritual purposes of the Craft.

Introduction to Freemasonry , 3 vols. Claudy, Temple Publishers, thetemplebooks. Every Freemason should read these books within a week of being raised a Master Mason and before speaking in lodge or offering any opinion on any aspect of the Craft. Denslow, Fulton, Mo.

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It never disappoints to discover the varieties of good and bad men who are associated with the Craft. Jacob explains the enlightenment tree. Bullock, Chapel Hill, N. This book tells us how we got where we are today. The Rosslyn Hoax? Fox, Supreme Council, S. Fox moved beyond the great and important personalities of the Scottish Rite and explores the greater social and economic forces that molded the Rite, Freemasonry and America since Richard E. An excellent source for a clear definition of anything Masonic.

Wood Oxford University Press, —An excellent read both for the American history it provides as well as clearly explaining the role Freemasonry played in the development of Democracy in the U.

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Harland-Jacobs Chapel Hill, N. This book traces the movement of Freemasonry as the British Empire expanded, literally around the world. It includes the history of Freemasonry, information on its appendant bodies, basic information on symbolism and philosophy of Freemasonry, and much more. It is written in a very readable format that is easy to understand. Introduction to Freemasonry by H. Haywood Des Moines, Ia.

Haywood is a very readab1e author, easy to understand and this book hits all of the important aspects of Freemasonry in less than pages. Haywood Richmond, Va. In this book, Haywood goes into more detail about history, symbolism, philosophy, and etiquette of Masonry. I feel that it contains the basic information that the new Mason needs. Roberts Richmond, Va.

The book is well written, easy to understand and separated into three parts; each part covering the symbolism of the first three degrees of Masonry.

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Arrington wrote this book in the 1ate s as a compilation of the five-volume history of our Grand Lodge. It provides a very good background to the rich Masonic history we have here in Iowa, as well as a basic history of our magnificent library. Robinson New York: M. Evans, —This book covers some of the more current detractors of Freemasonry and explores many of the misstatements made by them.

The book helps to defuse many of the arguments against the Fraternity. Robinson was not a Mason when this book was written but made the decision to join the Fraternity after it was finished. Jacob examines the origins of Freemasonry and, as the title implies, separates the facts from the fictions.

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She looks at various aspects of Freemasonry, how it developed, why it grew, what it was like to be a Freemason, and helps provide an overall understanding of Freemasonry in 18th-century Europe. If you do not have to customize your Internet security settings, click Default Level.

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Under the header JavaScript select the following radio button: Allow all sites to run JavaScript recommended. Prices and offers may vary in store. Stephanie Staples has created a book that balances laugh out loud humor with excellent insights into human psycho-social growth and behaviour. Readers will not only be entertained by Stephanie's stories, they will be invited to examine their own "enlightening strikes," while learning concrete, useable strategies for happier lives.

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