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From the Wikipedia article about the church. Priests preparing for Mass in St.

Giragos, Giragos today. In the back to the right, the same sacristy door as in the previous picture. Click on the red dots, and enlarge the small pictures. National pride: Syriac wine from Midyat, hallmarked with the Assyrian guardian deity. Tur Abdin and surroundings.

The Syriac churches and monasteries now visited by us. Diroze, Yezidi hymn from Lalish, collected by Philip Kreyenbroek, The pinacle star of the Kiwex shrine. A six-pointed star with sun symbol in the centre, next to a full sun symbol, on the central Yezidi shrine of Lalish from Pinterest.

The two halves of a Christian Kurdish gravestone with Armenian script in the Gandzasar cathedral, Karabakh from our Karabakh tour in Yezidi Kurds on the Sinjar mountain. A postcard by the Sarrafi brothers of Beirut, ca. The Yezidis fled from the persecution of the Arab governor of Mosul, and then of the Ottoman government to the mountainous region of Sinjar, which had been the refuge of the Assyrian Christians.

In the early 20th century, they were already the majority here, and refused to give refuge to the Assyrian Christians persecuted by the Ottoman government. From the Iraqi Metrography photo agency. The dome tower of the Church of the Mother of God, , with only one arcade. Photo by Gertrude Bell. The Syriac priest of the Church of the Mother of God and his wife, with the gospel book written in The Hah gospel book, today in the library of Mor Gabriel monastery. Bitlis, by its Armenian name Baghesh, was an important border town of the Armenian Kingdom until the Arab conquest.

Its fortress, deep down the canyon, protected the Bitlis Strait, crossed over by the road from Mezopotamia to the Armenian Plateau. Between the 12th and 18th centuries, the town was the center of an autonomous Kurdish principality, but even in the early 20th century, the Armenians made up one third of the population, about fifteen thousand people. In , they all were slaughtered. Their monasteries and churches were demolished, with only one remaining, now used as a department store.

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Along the road to Van, we by chance discover a ruin overgrown by trees, which looks like a former Armenian church. A river runs through the bazaar, with medieval mosques on its banks. Here are waiting the vans that bring sheep to the city for the upcoming Kurban Bayram, the great feast of the sacrifice. The first Kurban was when Abraham was about to sacrifice his first-born son out of obedience to God, but God at the last moment substituted a sheep for the sacrifice. This has since been celebrated by every Muslim with a sheep sacrifice.

Akhtamar Island lies three kilometers from the shores of Lake Van. The ferry departs every fifteen minutes. We get in and start to enjoy how uncrowded the ferry is, when a large group appears on the dock. A typical post-Soviet company in terms of behavior, clothing, body language. They come aboard, lean over the railing, take photos of each other with the island in the background. As we approach the island, one of the women stands up to the rail as if she were a siren carved on the prow of the ship, and starts to sing a long song of many verses, each of which ends with a mention of Akhtamar.

The others are reverently filming her. I turn to someone from the group. She has been living in the US for thirty years, returned to Yerevan for this journey. All of them are descendants of genocide survivors, they come home to West Armenia. She calms down. When we arrive at the island, the group immediately rushes to the church.

Soon we hear Armenian church song from inside. The guard in uniform is looking the other way. Before this, Armenian groups singing or praying in the church had been kicked out several times. But this time, his hearing was probably impaired by the application of a few banknotes. The groups departs contentedly, nodding at us with smiles. Mission accomplished.

From the Vienna Genesis, the earliest surviving illustrated Bible early 6th century. The spring goddess feeding the well from her jar has remained here from classical representations.

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This church of St. Gregorius David, from the contributions of the Syriac-Jacobite believing people, in the May God reward all its supporters. Commagene, wedged between the Roman and Persian empires. The other buffer state is the Aramaic kingdom of Osrhoene, with Edessa Urfa as its capital, and including Harran, called Carrhae in Latin, described above. Suscribirse a: Entradas Atom. Continue reading through the back door! Search in the blog. Travel with us!

Come with us to…. Divertimento Why Classics Were Lost. Science Bookstore. On Not Discovering X-Rays Dunai Szigetek. Transylvania: Goulash and Trumpet Fiddles for Everyone! Buchi nella sabbia. Recitativo veneziano. Az A Baj. Iconic Photos. Snow Crystals Wilson Bentley. Bat, Bean, Beam. Another year of Wellington. A Bad Guide. Tom Clark. Thank you for spending time with us.

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Before submitting your e-mail address, please make sure to acquaint yourself with these documents. The deceased have been selling land in the east of Slovakia including to a racketeer.

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Someone attempted to shake the foundations and we are still able to argue about ornaments. November 17, was all about giving another chance to dreams stolen in and Naming the new patron symbolically closes a circle as the saint has been worshipped in the city for centuries, according to the mayor. Zabudli ste heslo?

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News Calls for homeless help as study reveals hidden cost of problem A Slovak bot to uncover fake news in Lithuania Audio. Business Slovaks introduce the first digital CV app Jobless rate dropped below 5 percent again. It never tells the truth. Checkbot educates and warns. It never tells the truth Audio Nearly one half of Slovaks tend to believe disinformation.

Another woman found dead in Bratislava 2. Police on assault case: We need not have alarmed people 3. Woman from Snina died after an attack in Bratislava 4. It never tells the truth Audio 5. Calls for homeless help as study reveals hidden cost of problem 7. Which town is the most beautiful in Slovakia? Photo 8. Foreigners: Top 10 events in Bratislava Video 9.